Friday, September 19, 2014


‘Silly Sideshow’ Suit Against Apple Over Shareholder Vote Dropped By Greenlight’s David Einhorn


David Einhorn has dropped the suit filed against Apple over a proposal the company intended to bring to a vote at its shareholder meeting this past week, Bloomberg reports. Read more »

Salesforce Shares Reach All-Time High As Stock Pops 7.2% In Wake Of Favorable Earnings


Salesforce shares (NYSE:CRM) are trading today at their highest price ever — $181.46 a share. It represents a 7.23 percent increase compared to yesterday’s closing price. Read more »

AOL To Pay $1,056 Bonus To All Employees To Celebrate $1.056 Billion Patent Sale


Like Scrooge after discovering the True Spirit Of Christmas, AOL is offering a shiny half-crown (worth $1,056) to the little boy (its employees) as thanks for bringing the prize Turkey from the Poulterer’s this holiday. Read more »

Startup NYC: Citi Lays Off 11K Finance Employees, Thinkful Tries To Get Them Hired In Tech


Citigroup took a big hit yesterday, as its new CEO Michael Corbat announced the company’s intention to lay off 11,000 employees and “pull back in emerging markets” in an effort to Read more »

Surprise: Facebook Stock Up 28% In Past Month, Highest Since July


Today, Facebook shares (NASDAQ:FB) have jumped 5.28 percent, closing at 24.32. In fact, it represents a four-month high for Facebook, as shares have not traded at this level since the first lockup expirations. Read more »

IFV News Features Terry Lundgren, Macy's Chairman, President & CEO on Black Friday, Cyber Monday & More!

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving is traditionally the busiest of the year for retailers, it's the launch of holiday season selling. Chicago based research firm, ShopperTrak, reports Black Friday 2010 sales were up just 0.3 percent versus the same period in 2009, even though there was record spending for the day. Consumers spent $10.69 billion this year, in 2009 they spent $10.66 billion; a 0.5 percent increase over 2008.

Many U.S. retailers' tried to get customers in the gift-shopping mood before Black Friday this year. According to ShopperTrak, early holiday sales and promotions elevated sales and traffic for the first two weeks of this month through Nov. 13 by an average of approximately 6 percent versus the same two week period in 2009. Read more »

IFV News Features Cloud Computing Security & Your Business with Harold Moss, IBM Security Architect

Cloud computing has been dubbed one of the fastest growing and emerging technologies in the Information Technology sector. Businesses of all sizes are finding a substantial savings by working on the cloud; Internet based applications and/or services with an amalgamation of hardware and system software. With convenience comes complexity, the ever-present question of security and protecting sensitive private data. Read more »

IFV News Features Mompreneurs Who Are Ready to "Play Big"!

The work-life balance takes on a whole new dimension, becoming much more than a balancing act when parents factor children into the show. Especially for the small solo and entrepreneur already wearing a dozen or so hats while trying to earn a living, adding one more giant chapeau, parenthood. Read more »

IFV News Features Entrepreneur, Manny Perez Co-founder of DYMO/Mimio Interactive Teaching Technologies

The entrepreneurial road can be more than challenging, but with perseverance and a strong team no road is impassable. Its been a tumultuous year for education in the US. Deep budget cuts in New Jersey, school vouchers in Chicago and swollen class sizes in California primary schools.  Whether the news is up or down, DYMO/Mimio ITT has steadied its gaze forward, developing MimioClassRoom interactive teaching tools and services for students and teachers all over the world in grades 1 through 12. Read more »

IFV News Features Maddy Dychtwald Discussing The 21st Century Woman as a Financial Powerhouse and Her New Book, Influence

For the first time in history women are an influential growing economic force, so says Maddy Dychtwald - Author of, Influence: How Women's Soaring Economic Power Will Transform Our World for the Better. Dychtwald, who is also a Demographer, Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker and the Co-founder & Senior VP of Age Wave, shares these findings and more with IFV News. Read more »

IFV News Features Mozilla and Internet Freedom, Plus the Next Wave in Creativity HTML5 - from the Open Video Conference NYC

The Internet is a world wide virtual open space for gathering knowledge, offering creative tools and platforms by which to share. Web freedom is something relied upon by startups around the world. Organizations like The Mozilla Foundation exist to keep it that way. This non-profit is best known for its Firefox browser, but says it pushes its message forward through other software projects, grants, ventures and events. IFV News speaks with Mark Surman, Mozilla Foundation's Executive Director, in part 2 of our Open Video Conference coverage. Read more »

Join IFV News & Mark Surman, Mozilla Foundation Executive Director - from the Open Video Conference in NYC - Part 2

M.INK Productions Presents IFV News - in Part 2 of its Open Video Conference coverage IFV News ( talks to entrepreneur Mark Surman, Mozilla Executive Director. You might best recognize Mozilla for its Firefox browser, but the non-profit Mozilla Foundation says it also promotes Internet openness, innovation and participation through other software projects, grants, ventures and events geared toward building the open web. Watch the video. Read more »

Join IFV News & Ron Yekutiel, Kaltura Chairman, CEO & Co-founder - from the Open Video Conference in NYC - Part1

M.INK Productions Presents IFV News - in Part 1 of its Open Video Conference coverage IFV News ( talks to entrepreneur Ron Yekutiel, Chairman, CEO & Co-founder of Kaltura. Kaltura says it’s the first open source video platform for online video management, creation, interaction & collaboration. Find out what this means for the small and medium business owner! Watch the video. Read more »