Saturday, November 22, 2014


IFV News Features Dallyce Cole an Intellectual Who Gave Up a Career in Aerospace Engineering to Start a Music Revolution

What would make an entrepreneur give up a six-figure salary in a hard earned, prestigious career such as say... aerospace engineering? Could it be that the desire to follow ones passion wins out over title, money, position and a healthy 401(k)? That's the case here. Dallyce Cole is living it, she's an artist and CEO of fledgling company, Rise of the Originals (ROTO), New York City's original music talent showcase and talent search. Cole has refused to give up on her generation, one that has seen the once rich and creative music industry drastically changed, turned on end by the natural progression of an enterprise highly dependent upon technology, culture and human emotion. As it becomes easier for the average consumer to create and share their own original music and taste in musical acts, the indie label is becoming a more clean and palatable option for the artist looking to make it big. Cutting-edge artistry, seemingly unencumbered by race and sound easily promises to be the, "next big thing" for a fresh breed of uncompromising listener. Whether it's the eclectic stylings of acts like, Gnarls Barkley, Bjork, Feist, Telepopmusik, Beyond This Point or muMs&Aurora, "folk music's answer to hip hop", the listener is guaranteed something brand new. Clearly a change is welcome from a creative and business standpoint. People who like what they hear share and they're sharing digitally. Read more »

IFV News Features the Talented Kathy Ireland, CEO KIWW®, Mother, Author & Giver, as was Mentor Dame Elizabeth Taylor

This weekend fans and admirers mourn the passing of legendary Actor, Dame Elizabeth Taylor. An entertainer, businesswoman and activist, Taylor in the 1980's stepped out of the perceived glitz and glamour of Hollywood and into the murk and taboo of death, illness and bigotry brought about by the AIDS epidemic. She fought tirelessly raising funds to help combat the virus and educating the public on the importance of accepting patients stricken with the disease. Then in 1991 Taylor founded, The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, which raises money for HIV/AIDS service organizations around the world.

Taylor's mentee, friend and fellow philanthropist, Kathy Ireland has also made helping others a priority. Ireland battles for causes like, HIV/AIDS, ending poverty and hunger, the health of mothers and children, gender equality, the environment. On the evening we spoke with her, she was becoming the first recipient of the Design For Life award from Gift For Life (GFL). Gift For Life and DIFFA: Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS, one of the largest funders of HIV/AIDS service and education programs in the United States, are charity partners. Read more »

IFV News Features Nick Moore of Wunderman New York - Fresh Thoughts on Digital Space Branding & Affinity Marketing

The intellectual craves food for thought, just as your digital audience hungers a fresh, hot, all day, all you can eat, buffet for conversation. A generous helping of brand building content could have your audience chattering about you in places like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, thereby fueling your brand with little or no effort or cost from you. But of course as all things in life do, the serving spoon dips both ways. Social media, for better or worse, has given the public a new found power over a company's brand. Will you be invited back for another course, today that's not always up to you. Nick Moore tells IFV News, that even PR and Marketing giants are working this new paradigm shift into their clients branding strategy. This is brain food for anyone wanting a seat at the table, from big business to the solopreneur. Read more »

IFV News Features Nell Merlino - A Woman Helping Women Vault Over that Million $ Mark

You heard the rumble now watch the explosion! The number of businesses created, grown and sustained by women are thriving. The U.S. Small Business Administration reports that women-owned businesses make up about 41percent of all privately held companies and are growing at a rate twice as fast as all companies. The SBA also says, women-entrepreneurs employ more than 12 million people and generate nearly $2 trillion dollars in sales. Such positive results and proven successes, yet many women are still having a hard time accessing funds to get their great business ideas off the ground. Those that make a go of it often struggle to push beyond that million dollar mark, no matter how ingenious their product or service. Nell Merlino has spent her career straightening out the curve, she tells IFV that only 6 percent of women owned businesses have revenues of a million dollars and beyond.  Read more »

IFV News Features Black Belt Mindset Master Jim Bouchard, Author, Entrepreneur & Speaker

Getting your, "head in the game" might be more than half the battle when it comes to business. Entrepreneurs are no strangers to the roundhouse kick to the ego upon receiving myriad disappointments both financial and emotional. Working to fortify your emotional well-being, in the midst of running a business is an all-encompassing job unto itself. Our road to success and/or perceived perfection is rocky, rough and potentially dangerous without an experienced guide. Jim Bouchard has traversed such treacherous life terrain and survived to tell his tale. Read more »

IFV News Features Small Drug R&D, Aeterna Zentaris Inc - Doing Big Things in Cancer & Hormone Therapy

You could be touched by cancer in some way, whether you're diagnosed yourself or it's a loved one or friend, the news is devastating. There are hundreds of types of cancer, depending on your source research material, around 200 different kinds that can attack the body's blood, muscle, bone, skin, brain, breast, lungs and other organs. The US National Cancer Institute's last survey (2007), estimates that there are nearly 12-million people living with cancer in America. The strain isn't only emotional but economic as well. The Journal of the National Cancer Institute (JNCI) recently reported that over the next decade cancer treatment costs could jump 27% to $158 billion, because of the projected aging and growth of the population here in the US. The senior population, disproportionately affected by the disease, is reportedly expected to increase from 40 million in 2009 to 70 million in 2030. A fresh emphasis on the need to keep drug costs low while continuing to improve patient care takes center stage.    Read more »

IFV News Features Boogie Mom Entrepreneurs, Turning Irritated Noses into a Successful Boogie Biz

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), last flu season in the US (2009-2010) saw the arrival of H1N1. This new strain of the influenza virus caused the first influenza pandemic in more than 4 decades, inadvertently creating fertile ground for small company, Little Busy Bodies, Inc to make a big impact. Company founders, Mompreneurs Julie Pickens - CEO and Mindee Doney - CMO watched their simple idea blossom. The two turned a runny, raw nose friendly saline wipe into a multi-million dollar international business. Today, the Boogie Moms are watching their Boogie Wipes for kids and Achooz for adults successfully run them to the top of the isle in major retail outlets. Read more »

IFV News Features a New High Tech Package for the Work from Home Force, Time Warner Cable SignatureHome

Nearly 35-million people are working from home in the US and that number just keeps on growing says nonprofit advocacy group, Telework Research Network. By leaps and bounds, the "work from home force" is increasing in popularity. Businesses of all sizes have discovered the benefits of the home based workforce, whether that force of people power is comprised of telecommuters, entrepreneurs, small start-ups, it's all supported by an information economy, which is propelled by ever increasing technological advancements, namely the Internet. Read more »

IFV News Features Carol Roth and Jeff Pulver from BrandsConf 2010 in NYC

Are your customers committed to your brand and your brand alone? Do they keep coming back for quality, price and that deep dose of personal warmth they get every time they deal with your company? Have they told friends about your brand? Or has it been easier to replace that, lovin' feelin', with intangible incentive programs and cold, hard impersonal swag? If you answered yea to the latter, we've just run into several dozen branding experts who have some news for you, fresh from Jeff Pulver's BrandsConf. Read more »

IFV News Features Terry Lundgren, Macy's Chairman, President & CEO on Black Friday, Cyber Monday & More!

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving is traditionally the busiest of the year for retailers, it's the launch of holiday season selling. Chicago based research firm, ShopperTrak, reports Black Friday 2010 sales were up just 0.3 percent versus the same period in 2009, even though there was record spending for the day. Consumers spent $10.69 billion this year, in 2009 they spent $10.66 billion; a 0.5 percent increase over 2008.

Many U.S. retailers' tried to get customers in the gift-shopping mood before Black Friday this year. According to ShopperTrak, early holiday sales and promotions elevated sales and traffic for the first two weeks of this month through Nov. 13 by an average of approximately 6 percent versus the same two week period in 2009. Read more »

IFV News Features Cloud Computing Security & Your Business with Harold Moss, IBM Security Architect

Cloud computing has been dubbed one of the fastest growing and emerging technologies in the Information Technology sector. Businesses of all sizes are finding a substantial savings by working on the cloud; Internet based applications and/or services with an amalgamation of hardware and system software. With convenience comes complexity, the ever-present question of security and protecting sensitive private data. Read more »

IFV News Features New York Entrepreneur Week and Investors - BHV and Zelkova Ventures

Financing a start-up or early stage business can come from many sources, spanning personal funds to loans. In entrepreneurial circles there is much talk about securing monies from angel investors and venture capital firms. Is my business ready to secure this type of funding; what are the appropriate steps? New York Entrepreneur Week (NYEW) supports and educates the small business community, facilitating discussion amongst business executives and investors, while giving its participants a chance to network face-to-face with the experts. Read more »

IFV News Features Mompreneurs Who Are Ready to "Play Big"!

The work-life balance takes on a whole new dimension, becoming much more than a balancing act when parents factor children into the show. Especially for the small solo and entrepreneur already wearing a dozen or so hats while trying to earn a living, adding one more giant chapeau, parenthood. Read more »

IFV News Features Entrepreneur, Manny Perez Co-founder of DYMO/Mimio Interactive Teaching Technologies

The entrepreneurial road can be more than challenging, but with perseverance and a strong team no road is impassable. Its been a tumultuous year for education in the US. Deep budget cuts in New Jersey, school vouchers in Chicago and swollen class sizes in California primary schools.  Whether the news is up or down, DYMO/Mimio ITT has steadied its gaze forward, developing MimioClassRoom interactive teaching tools and services for students and teachers all over the world in grades 1 through 12. Read more »

IFV News Features Maddy Dychtwald Discussing The 21st Century Woman as a Financial Powerhouse and Her New Book, Influence

For the first time in history women are an influential growing economic force, so says Maddy Dychtwald - Author of, Influence: How Women's Soaring Economic Power Will Transform Our World for the Better. Dychtwald, who is also a Demographer, Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker and the Co-founder & Senior VP of Age Wave, shares these findings and more with IFV News. Read more »